Who is this guy...

I’m John Imler, owner of Top Dog Training, KY.  I'm a Professional Dog Trainer who walked away from a successful position at a Fortune 500 company almost a decade ago and turned a lifelong passion for working with animals into a career.

I am recommended by a number of local veterinarians and currently handle specialized behavior issues for both the Louisville Dog Run Association (an organization numbering over 5000 members), the The Arrow Fund (an animal rescue group that handles the most severe of cases) and have worked with a number of other rescue organizations.

I focus on a "whole" dog approach to training which consists of achieving a set of measurable standards providing an expectation of behavior while respecting the dog and the unique characteristics based on breed, past history and more.

What I believe...

What inspired me to start Top Dog?

After watching frustrated people being pulled around parks and neighborhoods by their misunderstood dogs and seeing people at their wit's end trying to just “live” with their dogs, I knew I could help. 

I consistently work to stay on the cutting edge of training theory AND practice. 

I hold multiple certifications but more importantly I am a lifelong learner.  

I am pursuing advanced studies through the Ethology Institute, where I also serve as an ambassador.  The Ethology Institute is headed by Dr Roger Abrantes, PhD in Evolutionary Biology and Ethology.  I have also completed advanced coursework on Behavior Modification, Aggression and the role of Genetics/Breed in canine behavior.  

A little more...

In addition, I serve on the Board of Directors for International Association of Canine Professionals providing Director Oversight for the European Members Committee as well as the Protection Sports Committee and when not working with client dogs or my own dogs, I also mentor and help trainers get started in the industry or better themselves through professional coaching.

I host a podcast and blog where I discuss a number of topics relevant to pet owners, training and life as a professional dog trainer.

I’m a U of L graduate and veteran. I live in Oldham County KY with my wife, Caroline our 2 girls and 3 dogs… Ava, a rescued large breed mix and Scout, a Rhodesian Ridgeback and Margot, a Belgian Malinois.