Let Go and Let Dog...

Dec 08, 2023

Get it… Let Go & Let Dog?

Obviously its a play off of the saying "let go and let God” but what does it mean?

Let’s start with the original saying and it”s basic meaning?

Spending decades in church I can tell you the original saying discusses abandoning things like control… worry… and entitlement to higher power.

Now I’ll let you discern the details of that based on whichever faith you believe in (or don’t believe in).

I’ll define what I believe by “Letting Go and Letting Dog” when it comes to living with our dogs.  We always say that a dog doesn't need training or help being a dog... simply because, well, they are dogs.  Instead they need help navigating this crazy existence they find themselves in.  Much like children, they need to be guided and shown "appropriate" behaviors to function successfully in society.  In my opinion these behaviors need to be limited in scope but be relevant, functional, measurable and beneficial to the dog overall.

Similarly to having total control of your life, total control of our dogs is an illusion.  Yes, we can manage and/or force the dog to a small possibility of failure but that can have consequences for us, our dog and most importantly our relationship with them.

On the flip side abandoning responsibility and saying “do whatever you want” has its own set of consequences.

Instead, let’s give them “appropriate” autonomy that is achieved through that set of instilled behaviors that can be "measured".  Notice I said “appropriate” with the word autonomy and “measured” with the word behaviors.  if you’re like me and are a “show me” person, those specific behaviors will be in a future blog post.

Basically what I’m referring too with “Letting Go and Letting Dogs” is simply stewardship.  Stewardship defined refers to "the responsible and careful management or oversight of something entrusted to one's care" and it can apply to various areas, such as the environment, finances, resources, or relationships.  I’m using it more from an environmental perspective when discussing dogs.

Environmental Stewardship usually refers to conserving and protecting natural resources, as well as supporting initiatives for wildlife conservation and biodiversity protection while educating others about the importance of environmental stewardship.  This is a great start to approaching that “good life with our dogs” that we all want and one we want for our clients.

By "Letting Go and Letting Dog" we are conserving and protecting this amazing species that has coevolved with humans for tens of thousands of years by focusing on dogs welfare.

By "Letting Go and Letting Dog" we are supporting initiatives that allow dogs to express their genetic drives through the practice of various dog sports that are as unique and eclectic as the dogs themselves.

By "Letting Go and Letting Dog" we are educating the public on what appropriate care is, what ethical training looks like and highlighting the responsibilities and benefits that come with sharing our lives with canines.

By “Letting Go and Letting Dog” we are conserving, protecting and advocating for this amazing species as they express their natural behaviors.

To me, this is what the the "Good Life with Dogs" is about.

As always thanks for hanging out and digging into the world of dog training with me!

My goal with the Top Dog Blog is to bring a mix of science, old-school wisdom, a craftsmanship focus, and the pure joy that comes from working with dogs and helping clients. This almost 30 year journey from problem dogs to hobby trainer to the past decade as a career has been and continues to be a blast, and I'm really honored you've taken the time to read this.

So take what you've learned, try it out with your own pup, and find the joy in working with dogs. I've got more ideas coming your way in the next blog, so keep your eyes peeled.

Until then, enjoy the adventures with our dogs and the simple joy that comes from truly understanding them.


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