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Planning on a vacation and want to maximize the time you are away from your dog?  Do you have a crazy schedule and need help with an out of control dog?  Are you completely overwhelmed by your dog and need a canine intervention?

Part Immersion Program... part Vacation for your dog.

The board and train program consists of 3 weeks where your dog lives with me,  my dogs and my family.  I personally take the dog through the  entire "Foundations to Functional" curriculum and include the "Free-Dog" advanced curriculum if desired.  I follow that up with Private Lessons to make sure you understand your dog's new skills and your dog understands what they need to do to be successful. 

Frequently Asked Questions about the Board and Train Program

Some trainers offer a 2 week board and train... not me.  In professionally offering personalized board and trains (living with me and not in a building with other dogs) for over 5 years now I have found that to take the dog through the program at a fair pace requires 3 weeks.  

Science has shown us that to create a new habit, we must practice for 21 days. Since I am using a Positive First Methodology, I may take my time early on to help your dog acclimate.  

I want to go as fast as aI can but as slow as I need to for the dogs well being and long term success.

Your dog will learn the 5 Basic Commands... SIT, DOWN, PLACE, HERE and WALK.  

Your dog will learn the "House Rules" related to Greetings, Grooming, Self-Control and Food Manners.

Most dogs that complete the program are reliable both on and off leash after completing both my Foundations to Functional and the FreeDog Curriculum.


This is where I "hand over" the leash.

Your dog has to see you as relevant and worthy of their attention.  I take you through a transition that consists of a visit back home for one or two weekends, depending on the dog and detailed instructions along with enough private lessons to make it successful.

Also, I'm only a phone call or text away for help for as long as you have your dog.

We will discuss that during the evaluation/intro lesson.  Most dogs are good candidates but some dogs may suffer from extreme anxiety when away and may not do well.  In the past I have worked with vets to help mitigate these anxieties while we get started.

Regardless I'm confident I have a program that meets your goals while understanding the challenges your dog faces.

Along with my 3 dogs.. I only take 1-2 Board and Trains at time.  This allows me to focus on the unique personalities of each dog while I am working with them.

"Our dog’s leash aggression issues were making our everyday life miserable. We had tried video trainer methods, worked with another trainer from months, used an electric collar and nothing worked. After coming home from walks in tears over and over, we finally decided to call John. John tailored the two week program to fit the needs of our dog and the goals we had as a family. Once the two weeks of training were up, we scheduled multiple one-on-one training sessions with John and our family. I think these sessions are what sets John apart from everyone else. Basil learned all of the tools needed to succeed during the two weeks but it was the one-on-one sessions that really helped put all of the pieces together. Six months after we approached John, we feel like we have made huge progress and are so proud of Basil and ourselves for being able to achieve our goals. We came to John with Basil wearing her electric collar for the most basic of walks and now are able to pass other dogs with only a flat collar on! I am so thankful to John for helping my family find order and peace. "

Sarah & Basil

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