From those who are way to busy and need a jumpstart all the way to those that want to do it themselves but want a professional guide... Let me help.

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Let's get started on the path to having the dog you've always wanted...

STEP 1 - The Intro/Eval Lesson...

Before beginning any dog training program, I want to make sure you have all of the information needed to make an informed decision about what is best for you and your dog.  We will discuss your dog's personality type, aptitude, social development, behavioral patterns and any potential problems.

We will then discuss your goals for your dog and I'll recommend the best training program for you and your dog. I will teach the core elements of changing behavior in dogs and explain how these can help you.

STEP 2 - Select the Program that works for you...

During the evaluation I will explain The Whole Dog Method and detail the programs available for training your dog. During any program you choose, I will be the one working with you or your dog, I don’t believe in passing you off to a junior instructor.  

A big part of success in training is the ability to work with the humans and the canines.  

The cost of the evaluation is $50 and if you decide to sign up that is applied to the training program you choose.

Step 3 - Get started...

Once you choose the program you want... we get to work on the Whole Dog! 

We will cover Learning & Manners and go far beyond the standard sit...down... stay.  I'll guide you in truly understanding and living with your dog you share your life with in a way you may have never experienced.

The ability to enjoy a walk with your dog in a neighborhood or at a park and getting coffee or lunch while out in public is not only possible... we train for it.

Step 4 - Continue to be supported during after the program for the life of your dog.

All clients receive access to my online video series to help reinforce the lessons and also provide a resource as you move through the program and after.

Once the program is successfully completed I offer lifetime support via phone, text, email and if necessary more lessons.

 My goal is to help you get to the point where you don't need me... but if you do I'm there.

Learn "The Whole Dog Method" in the way that works for you and your dog!


The Private Lesson Program is for dogs of any age and consists of a series of One on One lessons where we work together to bring out the best in your dog. How far do you want to go?  That's up to you.  I've had clients that just want a better relationship with their dog or want off leash freedom all the way to clients go on to become Professional Dog Trainers and make living helping others.  Due to the flexibility of lessons, this program can be tailored specifically to the dog and client based on our discussion during the evaluation/intro lesson.  



Our Residency Board & Train or Daytraining program typically consists of 3 weeks where your dog will either live with me or spend the day with me and interact with my family and my dogs.  I will personally work with your dog to bring out the best in them and then follow that up with Private One on One Lessons with you to ensure success.

You will receive constant updates throughout the process and I screen all dogs to do my best to make surest is an investment on your part and that their stay with me is part training program and part vacation.



The Online Program is for dogs of any age and consists of series of virtual lessons and online support where distance fades away and I help you build the relationships you have always wanted with your dog.  With modern technology accessible to almost everyone,  I have been able to work with clients from coast to coast!

You will receive practices and games to build a bond with your dog based on trust, mutual respect and understanding.



With over 3 decades of coaching experience spanning careers in the military, law enforcement, in a corporate environment and almost a decade as a full time canine professional  I am in a unique position to understand what it takes to be successful... I've done it and have shown others how to do it.  

I've presented at professional conferences, consulted with start up pet industry business and helped brand new and existing professional trainers thrive in this industry.


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