The Puppy Foundations Program is one of the most comprehensive around.  I will help guide you from the frustrating days of puppyhood to a well socialized, well behaved canine companion. 



Too many of the behavior problems of adult dogs can be traced back to improper socialization.  Its more than just "getting your dog outside"... its the systematic introduction of coping skills to a puppy which then allows your dog to mature into a confident, social dog.

My goal is to guide you in introducing your puppy to the wonders of the world around them.


Manners are what the dog does without guidance from a handler.  Like children... when puppies understand the can get the things they want without jumping, barking at you or nipping... those behaviors often go away.


Teaching your puppy obedience tasks can start as early as you want.  I focus on the primary 5 tasks of SIT, DOWN, PLACE, WALK and COME.  

These are taught based on the puppies development and expectations are age appropriate.  We use a "Positive First" methodology in teaching all of the commands.


Give John a call at 502-409-2640 or simply complete the online contact form by clicking below!

"“John puts the wow in Bow-wow! Words cannot express my gratitude to John and Top Dog Training. John’s knowledgable, caring and good-natured approach makes training your puppy (of any age) a joy. John began working with us, and our sweet puppy Rebel when she was just a few months old. From house training to basic manners, he patiently developed Rebel into the perfect puppy. We continue to use John as Rebel grows. His tips and techniques help us be good dog parents through the stages of Rebel’s life. He is a great consult on behavior, health and attitude- for both puppies and parents. Do the best thing for your dog and family; work with John at Top Dog Training! "

Cara & Rebel

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