It’s Time To See Your Dog Differently...

Dogs are complex, unique and multifaceted. 

They are more than just input-output machines that operate on commands. 

The trainer you choose to work with should understand and honor that.

I do.



Whether for a daytraining program or the longer term program your dog will have all of my attention during their Adventure Board and Train Program.

This is more than just obedience training, this program focuses on the total dog and promises an unforgettable experience for both you and your canine companion.

Your dog will join me on daily hikes, where each day is filled with learning new skills, enrichment and new discoveries.

From mastering essential life skills to conquering a few challenges, our Adventure Board and Train Program offers a dynamic blend of adventure and education.

Throughout their journey, you'll receive regular updates and insights into your dog's progress, ensuring you're always connected. And when they return home, I will work with you developing your skills and confidence to help you continue the adventure together, exploring new horizons and forging lifelong memories.


Lets get started...

Step 1 - Schedule the Intro/Eval Lesson...

Before beginning any dog training program, I want to make sure you have all of the information needed to make an informed decision about what is best for you and your puppy or dog.  

During the Evaluation/Intro Lesson I will cover development, help you understand the "why" and teach the core elements of changing behavior in dogs, explaining how these can help you.

We will discuss your dog in detail, the goals for your dog and I'll explain the role the human plays.  I'll help you understand the programs and recommend the best one for your dog.

Step 2 - Choose a program and get started training...

Once you choose the program you want... we get to work on the Whole Dog! 

I'll guide you in truly understanding and living with the puppy or dog you share your life with in a way you may have never experienced.

In addition to lessons at my facility, all programs include the ability for off-site lessons as well.  These may take place at your home, at a park or us getting a cup of coffee while we work.

The ability to enjoy a walk, have your dog come when called and get coffee or lunch while out in public is not only possible... we train for it.

Step 3 - Be supported after the program.

All new clients receive online support via the online membership group and to help reinforce the in-person lessons while training.

Once the in person training program is successfully completed you will continue to be supported by me via the membership group where you will have the opportunity to take part in special training classes and webinars to truly build a quality relationship with your best friend.

So years from now, should you need help or have a question I'm often just a message or phone call away!




plus tax

  • A 45 minute dive into the Who, What & Why of your dog...
  • A detailed explanation of the methods and programs...
  • Have all your questions answered...
  • in a low pressure sales approach...
  • and get time to think about it.



plus tax

  • A program where I have your dog during the day for 2 weeks...
  • Mon-Thur training from 9AM-4PM 
  • includes Pickup and Drop Off
  • and 3 Follow Up Private Lessons
  • focusing on basic ON LEASH adventures with your dog...
  • with a customized approach where you feel heard and included...
  • and a primary focus on your dog and not just a series of commands...
  • with access to video course and text support, training equipment included.



plus tax

  • A program where your dog stays with me for 3 weeks...
  • and includes 3 Follow Up Private Lessons
  • focusing on on and off leash adventures with your dog...
  • with a customized approach where you feel heard and included...
  • and a primary focus on your dog and not just a series of commands...
  • with access to video course and text support, training equipment included.

"I have nothing but positive things to say about John and our experience working with him over the past several months. My wife and I are first time dog owners, and thanks to John we are both confident and competent in our approach to raising our now one-year-old English Shepherd. We've done both one-on-one training sessions with John, as well as sending our pup for a "board and train" with John. We are incredibly happy with Archie's progress behaviorally and are thankful for John's patience along the way. John is incredibly generous with his time and is always willing to help troubleshoot a problem that comes up. He is also just a good person. In short, I highly, highly recommend having John work with you and your dog.."

Katy Walker

"Training with Top Dog was worth every bit of time, energy and money. My two mini aussies would bark, chase, herd, etc but when one nipped a friend’s little boy, I knew it was time for formal training.

Even after training, they still WANT to act like their old selves. I can see them perk up at passerby’s, but then they immediately turn their attention to me instead of barking and running to the end of their leash. It takes continuous work, but John gives very clear instructional lessons and is willing to go the extra mile for training, such as meet at a dog park! And all lessons are positive and fun!

Our family camping trips are so much more enjoyable with well-behaved dogs. I couldn’t have accomplished a serene outing without the training that my dogs (and I) received from John.."

Angie Tate